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Hi Christian, Thank you very much, i got very good basics of WPF, it is really helpfull, i really appreciate your work. < Data Template x: Key=" Default Data Template"> < Stack Panel Orientation=" Horizontal"> <tree: Row Expander /> < Check Box Is Checked="" /> < Image Height="16" Margin="2, 0, 5, 0" Source="" Width="16" /> < Text Block Style="" Text="" /> </Stack Panel> </Data Template> <my: Result Cell Template Selector x: Key="template Selector" Default Data Template=""/> < Grid> <tree: Tree List x: Name="tl Results"> <tree: Tree List. Columns> < Grid View Column Width="500" Header=" Name" Cell Template Selector=""> </Grid View Column> < Grid View Column Header=" Size" Width="90" Display Member Binding="" /> </Grid View.

How to handle them may vary, depending on what you're doing and what you're looking to accomplish, but WPF comes with two very easy solutions that you can use: The Observable Collection and the INotify Property Changed interface.

So you can easily bind against the data context to display various members of your data object Whereas it was really hard to display complex data in a List Box with Win Forms, its super easy with WPF.

The following example shows a List Box with a list of Dependency Property Info instances bound to it.

This will make the Add and Delete button work, but it won't do anything for the "Change name" button, because the change will happen on the bound data object itself and not the source list - the second step will handle that scenario though.

The second step is to let our custom User class implement the INotify Property Changed interface.

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Without a Data Template you just see the result of calling If you want to change the appearance of a List Box Item when it is selected, you have to bind the Is Selected property of the List Box Item. Hi, I tried you method, all the text content are not rendered(the Text Block showing nothing, even I place a button and bind Name for the content, still nothing).