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Verification is one step to help ensure the food safety system is working to prevent, control or significantly reduce public health hazards.Verification includes validating the steps to ensure the process will work, and secondly includes the evaluation activities that verify the system continue to work.Another step in the prescribed corrective action is to ensure that all product from the last good metal detector check is evaluated for safety by being required to be rerun through a functioning metal detector.Based on the new proposed PC rule, what would be an example of a functioning metal detector?So for example using metal detection again this could be validated through the manufacturer when they set up the metal detector and also what would be norm in the industry for sensitivity of the metal detector.All this evidence should be documented to demonstrate that you actually validated the control measure.

He is a Director of Global Food Consultancy Ltd and provides advice to companies aiming to be certified to the BRC Standards.The carrier material of the test sphere must not produce any significant false signal and as long as this is ensured, plastic cards, spheres, rods, tablets etc. Is there actual metal in the product that has passed through the machine ?During production, a quality technician was performing a metal detector check as designated by the preventive control (or HACCP CCP).The quality technician reported a failure of a prescribed test wand, or a failure to meet a preventive control parameter.

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Since documentation is foundational to FSMA compliance, how would you prove that a metal detector is truly effective?

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