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If you’ve already got the original edition then it might be worth reading on as you’ll be able to find out just what has actually changed from FSX and FSX: Steam Edition.For anyone who has never taken on the joy of flight simulation before, though, you’ll find all the help that you need in deciding if this seems like the kind of experience that you would enjoy.

Whilst some might see it as nothing more than a new service pack, it’s been re-released onto the Steam platform for ease of use and installation.

As the premium online service that most people use for their gaming today, it makes sense for Flight Simulator X to finally make its way over to the platform.

Re-released by Dovetail Games, the people behind the popular series of train simulators, this has a lot of nice new features included that can make this a very worthwhile purchase.

If you have been a fan of flight simulation for some time, then you’ll no doubt be aware of just how effective the Microsoft Flight Simulator series has been over the years.

It’s become the absolute staple of flight simulation quality and realism for many years and is one of the flagship Microsoft gaming products.

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The graphical quality is most prominently seen on the aircraft that you’ll be flying, though.

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