Updating listbox using a thread in

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Updating listbox using a thread in

Much of the code using INotify Property Changed is concerned with registering for the Property Changed event, reregistering when the subject changes, and firing it at the appropriate time.What would this code look like if you could take INotify Property Changed out of the picture?Creating these sentries is all you need to do, but you need to do it for every independent property.To help you write this extra code, Update Controls installs a Visual Studio add-in that shows up in the Tools menu as “Generate Independent Properties”.As you’ve seen, writing a dependent property is simple; just put the business logic into the get method.But writing an independent property takes one additional step.

In 2006, John Gossman of the Expression team gave the name Model-View-View Model to a realization of this pattern in WPF (This ideal code really works-if you use Update Controls.Update Controls is an open source software library that does not require you to implement the INotify Property Changed interface or fire Property Changed events. The Update Controls library figures out when your properties change and automatically updates the view.It is mapped, by default, to Ctrl D, G (as well as Ctrl D, Ctrl G, just in case).Select any private field or set of private fields in a C# or Visual Basic class, hit Ctrl D, G, and the add-in will generate the Independent sentry and property.

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You can download the library from Codeplex ( or Update Controls. The Update Controls library figures out when your properties change and automatically updates the view.

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