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So, people of Tom's Hardware, what do I do to fix this?

Web servers, imap servers, smtp servers can be configured to use ssl connections and there are many other uses for ssl certificates, such as encrypting email or digitally signing documents.

This usually isn't that big of a problem, but when I'm reading a long body of text and not using my mouse or keyboard, it can irk me a little when the screen goes black.

I've tried nearly every option on my Windows 7 control panel, but to no avail.

Even with my power plan settings directing my computer to never go to sleep and to never turn off its display, it still does the same thing.

Strangely enough, this problem only arose after I got a new Logitech M510 wireless mouse.

1) Create a directory Let's call it sslcert: 5) Create a root certificate All other certificates you create will be based off of this.Rappelons que Friesland Campina occupe la cinquième place mondiale des compagnies laitières en matière de chiffre d’affaires (derrière Nestlé, Danone, Lactalis et Fonterra) avec un chiffre d’affaires mondial qui a atteint, en 2016, quelques 11 milliards d’euros (plus de 120 milliards de DH), dont près du dixième provient de la région Afrique & Moyen Orient.My problem is fairly simple, just my computer going into sleep mode around every three minutes or so if I don't use my mouse or keyboard.Note: The author of this page, and owner of this web site, is not to be held liable for any damage or trouble arising from following these directions.You are responsible for your own security, use, and creation of certificates.

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I would not use PHPki for creating certificates on a publicly accessable server, because your root private certificate must be installed on that server (security risk).

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