Serfas ant ratu online dating

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Serfas ant ratu online dating

806 Js EW AND RAKE MALAYAN PLANTS, Justicia microcarpa Hidley, r.

Leaves laiu-eolate ovate thin, very sliortly bluntly narrowed to base; nerves 10 pairs 6 in.

437, was collected at Doi Sutep at 2,300 to 2,500 feet. The Ijankawi plant is dwarfer with smaller leaves, more glabrous.

wide with a longer acuminate point and the whole plant is much more hairy.

I^eaves mem- branous, lanceolate acuminate, base ciuieate, glabrous al K)ve, spar- ingly short hairy beneath esjx»ciall on the midrib; nerves 8 ])air8 ascending and inarching 6 to 8 in.

across at the mouth, lobes 6, narrow-linear lanceolate acute .75 in. Stamens 6, very narrow as long as corolla-lobes, anthers basiiixed. Ilab, Perak, Lunong Inas 5,5'0'0 at feet, Vapp fi Ol, URTICACEAE. leaves large ovate cordate, lobes at base round ; nerves 3 from bi^se^ 2 otiter with about 7 nervules running to the edge, midrib wiife -6 Jimr. 307 jxairs of nerves almost opposite, traiiverse iiervules and reticula- tions prominent beneath, above sparsely seabrid hairy, nerves densely hairy, beneath shortly bristly hairy on nerves aiid reticu- lations, under-?

Preface Literature dealing with our local Fish and Fisheries is wanting. wide covered with long white spreading hairs, eorolla-lobes narrow linear spathulate, white hairy, shorter than sepals. long pure blue, tube at base slender then f ininel-sbaped ; lobes sub- equal, mouth .4 ill.

Kedah, Lanka wi Islands, Dayong Bunting, Robinson 6*71)6'; flowexs pure blue.

Leaves elliptic-ovate to round blunt, base shortly decairrent on the petiole, scabrid above and beneath; midril) abo\e and beneath and 5 pairs of nerves scurfy jjubeseent 1.2io to in.

Calyx shorter, lobes linear acuminate v\itli broader base, \er in. long; bracts lanceolate a(*uminate from a broad base shorter.

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Allowing, therefon^, that recorded information in the form of a hand-book on Malayan Pishes is wanted and wanted at once, the difficulty arivses that there is no one qualified or likely to be qualified for some years to write such a book. ^VFish is not a luxury, but an absolute necessary of life, with a rice- eating population. Flower heads solitary or in threes axillary or on short lateral shoots, 1.^ in.

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