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It is just as essential to the composition of poetry, and closely bound with Persian prosody and poetic imagery (Schimmel, 1992, pp. The Iranians also immersed themselves in Muslim culture through the medium of Arabic.Their most eminent men of letters and the secretarial classes at court were well versed in Arabic as well as Persian.In the context of this article, the term literature is used to refer to the written word skillfully and imaginatively crafted. On the other hand, one of the salient features of classical Persian literature is the way it incorporates well-wrought and eloquent writings by historians and spiritual figures. Another and earlier example, from the 11th century, is the famous by Abu’l-Fażl Moḥammad Bayhaqi (q.v.; d. This is the only extant part of a general history in thirty volumes; it narrates the events of the reign of the second Ghaznavid ruler, with many retrospective glances into past reigns and previous eras.The history of the Mongols by ʿAṭā-malek Joveyni, for example, is not only the scrupulous work of a great historian but is also written by an eminent man of letters, creating a masterly balance by juxtaposing his fine prose with judiciously chosen lines from poets of the past, and most notably Ferdowsi, to buttress his own historical observations and record the dramatic happenings of his lifetime against a backdrop of cosmic events and heroic archetypes of Iranian traditional history echoing the same predicament (Joveyni, tr., II, pp. Once again an admirable balance is maintained between the recital of events and inclusion of historical exempla, and the personal rumination of a thoughtful observer and fine stylist.Nevertheless, the Persian of the time served as a for these enlisted men.They were to spread this new version in the conquered provinces, from Azerbaijan to Central Asia, to the detriment of other Iranian languages or other dialects of Persian.

But throughout the land, a significant part of pre-Islamic Iranian culture was preserved and this proved to be a highly significant phenomenon in the general history and culture of the Muslim world (Yarshater, 1998).Examining these writings from a literary perspective, and studying their use of the past heritage and shared cultural memory, would be highly instructive.Regarding the chronological span of Classical Persian literature, we are referring here to the aesthetic and cultural concerns expressed in Persian between the ninth century, the advent of papermaking in Samarqand, and the mid-nineteenth century, when the first printing presses went into operation in Tabriz.Such was the case of Sogdian, a language belonging to an age-old culture that was largely engulfed by Persian.Thus Persian became, in due course, the court language of the first semi-independent Muslim principalities, most notably those founded in the Greater Khorasan.

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Another factor in the evolution of Middle Persian to Persian was the geographical spread of this language in the wake of the Arab conquest.

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