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Some residents placed a special order for other dairy products in the milk box with the empty bottles, or left a payment for the next day when the milkman returned.

Bob Welch and Oliver Applegate established one of the first delivery services in Sellwood shortly after the turn of the 20th Century.

From the delivery of the morning newspaper to an armful of groceries from the market down the street, a deliveryman was a must.

It was a time when she waited the mailman, the iceman (for her icebox, before electric refrigerators made their debut), the laundry driver and, of course, the milkman.

To Geri’s surprise, this special customer was Humphrey Bogart, along with his wife at the time, Mayo Methot.

Bogie wanted Geri to hop down to the local liquor store and pick up a couple bottles of spirits.

They returned to the Welch Store after noon, loaded all of the requested supplies and food into a wagon, and delivered it all to customers before sundown.

Prohibition in 1914 closed down the brewery, and Alfred took advantage of the empty walk-in freezers in the complex – using them to store blocks of ice.

During the early years, milk products came from a dairy, or a farm in the country, and few people who lived in the city owned a car to drive for a quart of milk.

And if they did have a motor vehicle, they didn’t have the time for what could have been a long drive over dirt roads into the country to get milk.

Ice was delivered on a regular basis, because of course the ice melted – and during the summer months, the ice company might get a call every other day.

When the ice truck arrived it was sure to draw a crowd of youngsters.

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On his return to the truck, children huddled around the ice deliveryman waiting for the chance to dip their hands into the cool freezer for a sliver of ice that they could suck on during sweltering weather.