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We encourage you to get three original letters in case any agencies take them or refuse to make a copy.

Most agencies accept letters with the language “appropriate clinical treatment.” However, some agencies require more strict and binary language determining that you have “completed the process of gender transition to the new gender” or that “one gender predominates over the other.” to prevent mismatch errors in any application or search.

While this is great, many TGNCI people do not have a stable home addresses.

If this is your case, you can provide a letter from a City agency, nonprofit organization, religious institution, hospital, or health clinic to show that you live in the city, but no address will appear on the ID card.

If you do provide a doctor’s letter, it should be on the doctor’s letterhead and include their license number.

Changing your social security card is a good first or second step in updating your IDs.

However, our clients often have bad experiences at the two borough offices, including getting yelled at, made fun of, or wrongly denied services, so we don’t recommend them.

There is also a borough-specific office for both Brooklyn and Queens.To update, fill out the name change application form (Form SS-5).You must also submit proof of your identity using a current government issued photo ID.If this resource is useful to you, consider donating today to support SRLP’s work. This guide will help you understand the process for changing all of your identity documents. Well, you have to update and change your name and gender with all government agencies, banks, landlords, and any computer systems that you are listed in.

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