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Norah jones dating qtip

BUY NOW The time is ripe for The Renaissance, the Abstract MC’s first solo album in nine years.

Produced primarily by Q-Tip with plenty of live instrumentation and a love fixation, The Renaissance is a stark portrait of the artist as an elder statesman.

Q-Tip Goon Rock , Q-Tip Violator - Vivrant Thing ft.

Q-Tip , Q-Tip - Breathe And Stop , A Tribe Called Quest-Award Tour , Q-Tip - Life Is Better ft.

This statement doesn’t mean as much as it might in a better year for the genre, but should, by all rights, have had all the fun sucked out of it – but there really isn’t a bad track among the dozen here.

Q-Tip covers the spectrum with the album’s first two songs, starting off with the dark, jazzy “Johnny Is Dead” and then moving into the killer up-tempo dance cut “Won’t Trade.” The contrast represents the album nicely, as these songs find Q-Tip moving freely between songs about relationships (“You,” “Man Woman Boogie”), the world outside (“Move,” “Gettin’ Up”), and both at once (“We Fight/We Love”).

“Move” comes closest to reviving the head-nodding kick of A Tribe Called Quest, a fitting testament to the funky skills of James “J. Q-Tip is in his own extremely capable hands for the remainder of The Renaissance.

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