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No sex until marriage dating site

Ultimately, I think it is something for both parties in the couple to agree on.''This is the ideal and standard I believe set by God and I think this holds for Christians, but there are people who have different values and sleep together before marriage and then go on to have happy, faithful and loving marriages.

I respect them, I do not judge them.' Some appeared to express their disappointment that they were still virgins (at 30, 40), implying that God had made them sexual beings without fulfilment.

They said that there was no systematic clarity presented about their situation. 'I can see the benefits in restricting sex to marriage, but I also think it is piling a lot of pressure onto the wedding night.

It is, though, important to find men who share your wider values.The solution that many Christians take of marrying within five minutes is not something I would do to overcome this as once married it should be for life!' Many (8%) repeated their view that sex can belong in any loving and committed relationship (choice 3).But I also find it hard to believe that as sexual beings it would be God's plan that I'm still a virgin if I'm single at 65.''Whilst I believe in my heart that sex is for marriage I have caved in but now really struggle with sexual temptation and am reminded frequently of Song of Solomon 2:7 "Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires".''I waited in my first marriage and I think issues with waiting for years before then marrying (we were still only 24 when we married and 29 when we divorced) had a negative impact.I think it can be detrimental to wait too long as the relationship can then become more like a friendship only.

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e uk has a detailed questionnaire on its dating site and goes to great lengths to ensure you are paired with those of a similar disposition.

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