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Overall, these experiences have allowed me to interact with both students and faculty to gain a unique perspective and understanding of our school.As President, I want to continue to deliver on CASA’s mission to add value to student life through 3 pillars: Your Ideas, Your Community, and Your Experience.MENARCCI's goal is to serve as a depository of all necessary knowledge about the case method, sources of cases and publishing outlets, and the links to all cases on the Region available on-line.

In terms of volunteer work, I have volunteered as a Delegate Ambassador at the JMSM Sports Marketing Conference and will be volunteering at the upcoming JMUCC Case Competition.

For example, the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business' 2010 round of its Global Business Case Competition featured a customized case on the Boeing Company Other competitions select an issue based on its degree of importance, and employ the competition as a means to both highlight the issue and create potential solutions through the efforts of the competitors.

Participants can also be assessed as potential candidates for analysis-based jobs within the targeted companies.

Your Experience is all about improving your overall university experience.

This will be accomplished by improving the academic resources available to students and hosting more career focused events.

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