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Is speed dating for losers

The pick Sunday was especially sweet considering who it came against.When Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen was nursing his ACL injury last season, he tweeted about Peter being a “bum.” Some of you will argue here that Peters could be considered for the losers side of this article because of the unsportsmanlike penalty he took at the end of the first half, but we know Peters by now—with his passion that will occasionally happen.Philip Rivers threw three interceptions in the game’s first half alone, and he couldn’t manage to get the Chargers back in the game in the third and fourth quarter despite only trailing by one touchdown for most of it.

Peters leads the NFL in picks since the beginning of his career in 2015— he has 15.Terrance Mitchell has been a topic of conversation dating back to last season and that continued into this preseason.Would he be good enough at the starting right cornerback position? Starting with the Patriots Week 1, the answer to that final question has been yes, and that trend continued early on in Sunday’s game with Philip Rivers.The second half wasn’t as kind to Smith, who finished 16 of 21 for 155 yards and two touchdowns.After being held scoreless by the Philadelphia Eagles last week, Tyreek Hill had the first score of the game for the Chiefs by catching the aforementioned 30-yard touchdown.

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The Chiefs quarterback was under pressure all game, and I’d argue he made the most of the hand he was dealt.

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