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By the time I started hearing about them, she already had her secret passwords and an entire hidden, soundless world of friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends, on two continents and in Minnesota, for some reason.

Facebook, IM, i Chat, and the rest were uninvited guests in my house.

You will bicker over these features incessantly, and you will worry, given the ferocious concentration she exhibits while she types away, whether these pastimes have in fact 'possessed' her. " I could have been more on top of these ever-changing computer entertainments, but I was still making rules about television-watching and cell-phone use and text messaging. I never know anything about the latest computer attractions. The whole computer-and-teenager thing was way, way out of my league. I asked the young computer guy who comes over to periodically not solve the you-keep-getting-kicked-off-the-Internet-in-certain-rooms-of-my-house problem if I could get parental controls on the computer.

He said the controls were very crude and dumb: for example, they would block anything coming in on the Internet with the word "breast" in it, even if you were trying to research "breast cancer." This did indeed sound dumb, so we didn't get the controls.

It's probably just some boy she knows, says my older child, some boy just trying to be funny.

In the 21st century, an online service has the potential to garner hundreds of thousands of hits if it is social networking enabled. Now after a decade of connecting with real world friends online, people suddenly have the desire to befriend strangers.

Could she have thought that the nurse was sending her home with condoms in order to have a funner summer? Then one of them remembers something: it's a fad, a teenage thing. The boys are sending around pictures of their penises that they have taken using their i Phones. " He sounds wary; he doesn't recognize my phone number on his i Phone screen. I'm sure they're good idea, but I'm sorry, I just don't want to know what they are. "All the studies show that kids who have all of the information well in advance of having sex--and a lot of them start when they're fifteen--will make better choices," the nurse said to me. I have a crazy parental urge to say to him, Don't you kids listen when the grown-ups tell you not to give strangers any information? You'd probably tag along after a man who tells you he has a hurt puppy in his car! I have a friend who told her son he could not go on Facebook unless he allowed her to be one of his Facebook friends (she had to promise never to contact any of his friends herself, just to be present in the room, as it were) which seemed like a good way of keeping track of what he was doing on Facebook--but then my older daughter told me that there's a secret level of friends, a sanctum sanctorum for your closest friends, that she is sure he did not let his mother into. I think of M alone in his bathroom, looking at Mom's bras and the used towels on the floor, taking pictures of his lonesome penis. I have passed through Shock, Panic, Hilarity, Pity; now I enter Shock Again. It is not all right, sending a picture of an erect penis to my 13 year-old! Surely she has seen pictures of penises before, maybe even erect ones--they probably sketch them from live models in Sex Education--but this one was personal, this one was meant for her (and however many other girls on M's list.) This one was in big, veiny close-up.So this afternoon I do read the opening line of my girl's emails, because they are right there for me to see next to the sender's name. "Honey," I say to her one day when we are in the country, on vacation, "Were you shocked when you saw the picture? " She's smiling, but she says "Yes" in the same tone that she might say, "of course" or "duh." She was shocked. "What he did was send an assault over the computer, and that's wrong, and--" "'Bye-bye," she says, and walks outside.

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I really do have mixed feelings about spying on children. I don't know why these antique examples come to mind, but I've always been kind of retro, kind of behind my time.