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The methods which you are using are for updating its states and ultimately updated in database after the unit of work is completed. If you want to receive the future articles on hibernate, please subscribe here. That means it insert an entry if the identifier doesn’t exist, else it will throw error.

Therefore, for efficiency purposes, the default behavior of Object DB ignores array changes when using enhanced entity classes: method.

Alternatively, Object DB can be configured to detect array changes using snapshots as well as when enhanced entity classes are in use.

It is usually recommended to use collections rather than arrays when using JPA.

Query q = session.create Query("from Stock Transaction where tran Id = :tran Id "); Parameter("tran Id", 11); Stock Transaction stock Tran = (Stock Transaction)q.list().get(0); stock Volume(4000000L); session.update(stock Tran); Hibernate will update all the unmodified columns.

If set the dynamic-insert to true, which means exclude unmodified properties in the Hibernate’s SQL update statement.

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Run Update Example1Output We can see that,employee whose id is ‘1’ is updated with age ’45’ Run Update Example2Output Run Merge Output We can see that,employee whose id is ‘1’ is updated with age ’55’ Founder of I love Java and open source technologies and very much passionate about software development.

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