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With the aid of Yorihira Tsumuji and Jushi Mataza Tsumuji, she gains the use of robotic arms.

Although Makiko is shown in the anime and the early arcs, her importance is not known until later.

Dogen cutting off the eyepatch to reveal a mass of scar tissue that almost appears like a centipede over Makiko's eye, which angers Souichiro enough for him to awaken his demon exorcist powers. As F starts to search for a computer chip hidden with the Enmi family scroll, Makiko heads to Kyushu to investigate.

She encounters some members of the Takayanagi family's Kyushu division.

Manaka is a middle school girl who is indecisive and prone to crying.

Her son, Souichiro would have been offered a spot, but Jushi Mataza Tsumuji objected.

During this time, she told Maya Natsume all she knew about Sohaku and Tetsuhito.

As Aya is shown events from the past by Reiki, she is shown the history of Makiko and Sohaku from 8 years ago.

Makiko is a relatively young blonde woman who usually wears a large eyepatch to cover her missing eye and scars.

The scarred over eye seems to react to the use of Red Feather powers, both by Makiko and others as it bleeds when Aya activates Reiki and when she used her power of Clairvoyance. Despite maintaining the duties of a demon exorcist, she tried to raise Souichiro as normally as possible.

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When Aya Natsume and Souichiro are sent meet their trainer, both are surprised to find Makiko and Dogen Takayanagi.

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