Florida law mandating reporting child abuse pakistan imo girl chat

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Florida law mandating reporting child abuse

While tragically there were many victims of Sandusky's abuse, one issue that has also been in public focus in the case is whether the number of victims would have been substantially reduced if there had been proper reporting of Sandusky's suspected abuse early on.

The most notable context in which this discussion has taken place involves the situation of Mike Mc Queary, the former assistant football coach at Penn State.

While some states require all people to report their concerns, many states identify specific professionals as "mandated reporters." Mandated reporters include social workers, medical and mental health professionals, teachers, and childcare providers.

Experts say most states have clear laws requiring K-12 teachers and other school employees to swiftly and directly report suspicions of abuse to police or child-protection authorities, but there are complex reasons why these so-called “mandatory reporters” may fail to take action.

Only a handful of states—Pennsylvania among them—allow educators who are aware of abuse to merely report it to their workplace superiors, the AP found. Paterno, who reported a possible case of child rape to two of his superiors, did all he was required to do. Paterno’s bosses report the alleged abuse to law-enforcement officials.

Those supervisors—Tim Curley, the former athletic director, and Gary Schultz, a former vice president at the university’s State College campus—now face charges that they did not notify police about the suspected abuse that authorities say allowed Jerry Sandusky, a former assistant football coach at Penn State, to sexually assault more boys. Sandusky was arrested this month on 40 counts of sexually abusing eight boys.

Mc Queary then stated that after he witnessed the abuse he reported what he saw to Penn State officials - one of whom was in charge of the campus police.

Mc Queary therefore complied with Pennsylvania law, as it existed at the time, by reporting the abuse in this manner.

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