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Flickr rss feed not updating wordpress

To give you a sense of how quickly usage had increased, 451 Research did a container survey in 2015 and found just 10 percent of respondents were using some sort of container orchestration tool, whether Kubernetes or a competitor.Just two years later in a follow-up survey, 451 found that 71% of respondents were using to manage their containers.Kubernetes is the orchestration engine that underlies how operations staff deploy and manage containers at scale.(For the low-down on containers, check out this article.) In plain English, that means that as the number of containers grows then you need a tool to help launch and track them all.They did this to prevent any individual member from creating a non-compatible or inconsistent version that would either behave differently than expected or would not be portable from one version to another.

By naming it more broadly, they are encouraging the open source community to build tools to expand the ability to manage infrastructure in a cloud native fashion.Ramji points out that Google was running containers in production for a decade before the company released Kubernetes as an open source project in 2014.“There was almost a decade of container management at scale in Google. It was code that ran the Google business at scale on Borg.Google’s Sam Ramji, who is VP of product management at Google (and was formerly CEO at Cloud Foundry Foundation), says it feels like an overnight sensation, but like many things it was a long time in the making.The direct antecedent of Kubernetes is a Google project called Borg.

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As Kubernetes has gained momentum, it has become a platform for innovation and business ideas (as tends to happen with popular open source projects).

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