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Fission track dating

This thick and extensive accretionary complex was intruded by near-trench plutons inferred to be related to an adjacent trench-ridge-trench triple junction, but the location of this terrane at the time of ridge interaction is under debate. I., 2010, Radiation damage and uranium concentration in zircon as assessed by Raman spectroscopy and neutron irradiation; American Mineralogist, Volume 95, pages 1192–1201.(PDF) Marsellos, A. This multidisciplinary work has focused on determination of U/Pb and ZFT ages of detrital zircon to unravel the source region of this accretionary complex and subsequent thermal history. 2009, Arkosic rocks from the San Andreas Fault observatory at Depth (SAFOD) borehole, central California: implications for tectonics along the San Andreas Fault. New thermochonometric constraints on the rapid Paleogene exhumation of the Cordillera Darwin complex related thrust sheets in the Fuegian Andes. I., and Ridgeway, K., 2009, Transport of the Yakutat Terrane, southern Alaska, evidence from sediment petrology and detrital zircon fission-track and U/Pb double dating. The Thermal evolution of Corsica as recorded by zircon fission tracks, Tectonophysics, 421, 299-317. I., 2005, Chapter 8: Fission-track analysis of Detrital zircon, In P.

1) Research results and PDFs from the Union College FT lab (see list below) 2) Fission-track theses completed at Union College. T., 2000, Towards a more complete record of magmatism and exhumation in continental arcs using detrital fission track thermochronometry; Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, v. J., 1999, Erosional denudation determined by fission-track ages of detrital apatite and zircon, in Ring, U., Brandon, M. (editors), Exhumation Processes: Normal Faulting, Ductile Flow, and Erosion, Geological Society of London Special Publication 154, p. Gornitz, (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Earth Science Series, Kluwer Academic Press, p. L., 2008, Rapid exhumation of ice-covered rocks of the Chugach-St.

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Using this approach we are able to routinely analyze single zircon grains to gain a better understanding of geochronometric analyses.

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