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If they take longer for no good reason (for instance, dodgy DVLA records made it hard to track you down) you can’t be convicted.No FPN If you’ve been caught doing 25mph above the speed limit (or 21mph in a 30mph zone), you’ll be summoned to court.“We were upgrading the cameras and decided to turn them around at the same time. “Both cameras have been very effective at reducing the average speed and casualties so this is just the next step.” If caught, drivers face either a speed awareness course, a £100 fine and three points or a court appearance with three to six points and up to £1,000 fine - depending on the circumstances.Essex Police’s casualty reduction officer Adam Pipe welcomed the news.It’s a lot quicker and painless to pay up – unless you’re certain you’re not guilty. Start with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau or a specialist motoring lawyer.Check this: by law the police have to send the car’s registered keeper an FPN within 14 days of the speeding offence.

YOUNG DRIVER SCHEME To find out about an opportunity to get some ‘pre’ driver experience in Essex in an off road environment go to: Chelmsford Yound Driver Scheme Colchester Young Driver Scheme Earles Colne Young Driver Scheme If you missed the flippin’ great flash in your mirror when the speed camera snapped you, the first you’ll know about being caught out is when the Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP, or FPN for Fixed Penalty Notice) or court summons, drops through your letterbox.

Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) This will tell you when and where you were caught speeding, and by how much you went over the speed limit.

It will also tell you what fine you’ve got to pay and how many penalty points you’ve got; probably £60 and three points.

He said: “Motorcyclists account for 26 per cent of all people killed or seriously injured.

“That is a significant number so any action to reduce this number is welcome.” John Anderson, deputy town mayor of Canvey, said cameras are needed to stop bikers overtaking on Canvey Way.

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