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Still, the fact that thinks it can get away with a third bottle episode in a row is mind-boggling.

He and Daryl proceed to take the remaining Savior, the one Rick tossed out of a moving vehicle, captive.

But before he can kill the leader of the Kingdom, Ezekiel’s ally Jerry appears, charging the Savior with his axe, and cleaving the man in two. However, we haven’t really seen Carol put those skills to use since the arrival of Negan, making her performance in “Some Guy” that much more enjoyable.

It kicks off when Carol discovers the group of Saviors — and the high-caliber weapon — responsible for mowing down Ezekiel and his men in a building, having escaped the slaughter herself by running for nearby cover.

He skewers Ezekiel for his make-believe antics, calling a “con man” who’s responsible for the death of his people.

When Ezekiel tries and fails to break free using a sword sheathed inside his walking cane, the Savior decides it’s too risky to keep him alive. She began her transformation way back at the prison in season 3, and she’s come full circle these last two seasons to make peace with her innate ability to eliminate threats.

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But in a stroke of luck, she hears the sounds of a motorcycle in the distance.

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