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The Appian Way has to be the most famous of the amazing roads of Ancient Rome. Resident of China or Japan, but not India or Iran : EAST ASIAN 34.

It stretched from Rome right into the south of Italy, terminating in the city of Brindisi in the southeast.

Asgard and Valhalla are ruled by the god Odin, the chief Norse god.

There are some very specific terms used to describe the children born to Japanese immigrants in their new country. “Nisei” are second generation Japanese, “Sansei” the third generation (grandchildren of the immigrant), and “Yonsei” are fourth generation. We use it in English in the phrase “with gusto” meaning “with great enjoyment”.

They were invented in Europe in 1948, but only became stylish in the US in the sixties.

Mary Tyler Moore often wore Capri pants on “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and to some extent she sparked a fashion trend.

The verb “to amend” means “to change for the better, put right, alter by adding”.

The related verb “to emend” is used more rarely and mainly in reference to the editing of professional writing.

Untreated suet decomposes at room temperature quite easily so it has to be rendered or purified to make it stable. Oberon and Titania are the King and Queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. After a lull in the seventies and eighties there was a resurgence in sales after Uma Thurman wore them (and danced in them) in “Pulp Fiction”. The Corn Belt (sometimes “Grain Belt”) is a region in the Midwest where, since the mid-1800s, corn has been the major crop. Geographically, the Corn Belt covers Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and parts of Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota and Missouri. The Dawn space probe launched by NASA entered Ceres orbit in March 2015, becoming the first mission to study a dwarf planet at close range. Lines of latitude are the imaginary horizontal lines surrounding the planet.

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Reade turned the play into a prose story in 1852 that he called “Peg Woffington”.