Dating personal ads com

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Dating personal ads com

I've put up an ad on there for someone to attend a summer festival with and I got lots of responses and found someone to go with. There are usually a LOT of posts from guys in there so it would be difficult to get noticed.

But if you post in the activities section for whatever you enjoy doing, I think you'd have a better chance at getting a serious reply.

Explain that you use the email address to reduce spam going to your preferred email address. If you ever need to submit your email address to a site in order to utilize some content, you have this email account to sacrifice in the event that it generates spam.

A vast majority of the w4m ads on CL especially in Seattle are spammers.

We emailed back and forth several times, began talking on the phone, and eventually met in person.

And then you can sort of go out on a "date" without it actually being a date.

And if that goes well and you like the person, just go from there like usual. And don't write your post out as though it sounds like a date either or people might flag it ;) Just say you're looking to play tennis or catch a movie.

Here are some ways to tell, if the wording in the ad is used repeatedly in other ads, but changed just a little.

If the ad is 2 or 3 sentences and she wants you to "reply and I'll send you more", or "all you have to do is ask", or "hit me up and I'll tell you more".

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If the photo doesn't match the age, she looks 36 but says she's 25.

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