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Share This: (REACH) provides an organizational framework for after-school programs for students in grades 6 to 8 throughout the state, with a goal to provide academic and social foundations that will reverse high school dropout trajectories.

Using a community based approach, the initiative uses federal and state funds, while also partnering with the schools, parents and the private sector, to provide necessary funding and resources for afterschool programs that focus on academic enrichment, athletics, and arts and culture.

Few, if any of these Jews, settled permanently in the islands.

**One of the earliest attempts at forming a Jewish community in Honolulu occurred in 1901.

After school programs provide a safe venue for students between the end of the school day and the availability of their family and/or caregivers.

These are important resources for working families.

The activity-based program aims to proactively prevent students in grades 6, 7, and 8 from engaging in risky behaviors during the after-school hours, including teen pregnancy, remediation and dropping out.

Their purpose was to establish businesses to supply goods and equipment to the growing farm and livestock industries.

The plantations for sugar cane and pineapples had also started.

The Jewish Welfare Board, after World War I, helped to establish a JWB center in a private home.

This flourished and led to the founding in 1938 by about 35 families of the Honolulu Jewish Community.

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