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Finally, he and his colleague, helped by two assistants, conducted "full social, economic and attitudinal surveys" with a sample of 20 settlements.Nine months were needed to collect the data, and six months to write it up. By the time the message (Ellman says "quite a simple one") was absorbed by those who needed to know it, the government had changed and suddenly the study had lost much of its relevance.The techniques rely primarily on expert observation coupled with semi-structured interviewing of farmers, local leaders and officials.In substance the techniques of RRA have much in common with the social anthropologist's case study approach but are executed over a period of weeks, or at most months, rather than extending over several years.To date RRA has mainly been used in the field of rural development as a short cut method to be employed at the feasibility stage of project planning.

RRA has also been applied in agricultural marketing, although the marketing orientation of RRA studies has not been very well defined.

The techniques of RRA include: offers a good example to compare the "traditional" rural development research to RRA.

He was requested to analyse the achievements of four types of land settlement schemes in Sri Lanka and to recommend a policy for future settlement in one million acres of cultivable land.

The origins of RRA, in Farm Systems Research, are explained and then the principal tools of this research methodology are listed.

Definitions and descriptions of RRA are explained before typical applications and potential applications are described.

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The role that Rapid Rural Marketing Appraisal (RRMA) can play in this broad sense of marketing research lies in the identification and prioritisation of marketing problems, and the evaluation of practical means of improving marketing functions, to meet the needs for expansion coupled with higher performance.