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Black woman on interracial dating

Rana Jefferson returned to the island of Jamaica after graduating from Clark-Atlanta University with her Nursing degree, and Jay Fulton began his career as a civil engineer for Rex Engineering in the environs of Atlanta.Along the way he met a beautiful, freaky Black woman named Danika Jackson, and they fell in love and got hitched.

"Yeah, Jay, I'm here to give your wife some good cock," Wilford said, and he opened his eyes and smiled at Jay, then grabbed the back of Danika's head and urged her to keep sucking him off.Jay fucked Rana silly, and didn't let up until she howled in ecstasy and tapped out...Fast forward a few years, and things have changed a great deal for Jay Fulton.Jay spread Rana's ass cheeks wide open and proceeded to devour her ass.Rana moaned and pinched her nipples as Jay slid his tongue deep into her asshole while fingering her wet, hairy pussy.

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Rana squealed as Jay fucked with gusto, slamming his hard dick into her vaginal walls.

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