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She is herself drawn to the story via the personal diary of her grandfather, James Mc Kinley, who, as a Jailor in British India, had seen some of them from close quarters.The auditions that her contact in Delhi, Sonia, arranges for her, are a mess – but she eventually finds her characters in Sonia and her band of close friends.2006, New Delhi: A bunch of fun-loving, easy-going college kids wake up to a new responsibility of fighting against the corruption that plagues their nation, while shooting a documentary on the Terrorist Movement of the 1920s/early 30s in India.This they do to vindicate the life and ideals of a patriotic pilot friend who loses his life needlessly in a plane crash, but is falsely charged of flying irresponsibly after his death.The advice to leave the village comes from a respected benign school master who criticises the film crew for their inability to understand and accommodate for the poverty of those they are trying to represent in the film.It might be fine to make a film on poverty and attempt to educate other people about the famine of 1943 but what about the failure to address poverty in rural India – this is a statement put forward by the headmaster at the end and the degree of directorial self criticism in this equation suggests the crew use the gaze of the lens as a means of disguising their own shame and even guilt.The introspective film maker (the journey from the urban to the rural is a central motif as it permits Sen to question the legitimacy of the film crew in their exploitation of an impoverished Bengali village for suitable cinematic en scene.

The terrorist movement comes alive in Sue’s grandfather’s diary in a very interesting and different way – seen from the perspective of a sympathetic and impressionable man, torn between being a British jailor and a devout Christian, and willing to take blame for the wrongs that the British have done in India.But we had only ourselves to blame for it, because what we heard was the echo of our own gun-shots.The Jallianwalabagh massacre had turned peace-loving Indians into angry men.plays herself in the film whilst in the production she plays the role of an struggling mother.Sen uses her character to deconstruct the false nature of acting and the unreal processes actors go through before they can perform competently. The impact the film production has upon the village is starkly realised in the metaphorical assertion that it is the urban educated elite who accelerate the poverty as the pressure on village resources leads to someone questioning if the film crew are in fact corrupting their identity, traditions and way of life.

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A grandfather’s diary; Technicolor & Sepia tone In this film, it is actually a British girl, Sue Mc Kinley, who indirectly inspires her cast.

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