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But Kip Boyle, president of Seattle-based Cyber Risk Opportunities, said this “spyware” could be used by everyone from partners in a domestic violence case to unethical computer system administrators to spouses and friends who simply want to spy on each other.

And the video may be of secondary interest.“In many cases, the audio feed from hacking a web camera may reveal more information than the video as everyday office tasks such as phone calls and face-to-face meetings could potentially be exposed,” said Sadiyq Karim, an executive at NSS Plus, a cybersecurity agency in Falls Church, Va.

The website,, also exposes the inside of daycare centers, airline hangars, hospitals and shopping malls in other parts of the world.

No one knows how pervasive this is; there’s no clearinghouse for such information. Earlier this month, FBI Director James Comey told an interviewer that he placed a piece of tape over the webcam on his own computer, and urged the public to follow suit.

Same goes for your smart TV and home security system.

Better firewalls and anti-virus software can blunt some of these intrusions.

But hackers have been successful at making RATS harder to find — a problem that has yet to trigger widespread outrage among computer users, possibly because many people don’t know they’re being spied on.

His victims included Cassidy Wolf, who was Miss Teen USA in 2013.

Abrahams tried to extort some of his victims with photos he took with the webcams.

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But he was caught by authorities and sent to prison.